Paul Reti

Head of Fuji Ryu Goshindo Jiu Jitsu - presented at Auckland, 19 October 2013

Paul Reti began judo in 1965 at the International Judo College in Christchurch under Frank Best, a black belt from the training of Dutch Kawaishi judo and ju-jitsu pioneer, Henk Fekkes.  Frank also offered classes in ju-jitsu through the Canterbury Unarmed Combat School - a part of the College - and Paul learnt both arts.

Another instructor at the College was John Boniface.  When John returned from martial arts studies under Sugawara Gesshu (10th dan) at Kokushikan University in Japan and established Fuji Ryu Goshindo in New Zealand, Paul continued under him, gaining his 1st dan in 1972.  Paul opened clubs at the Hereford Street YMCA and Bryndwr YMCA, and also taught at the Christchurch Arts Centre and the Christchurch Polytechnic.  In 1979, Paul lived for a time in Australia and during that time he continued his studies under Gary Brown at the Police Citizens Youth Club on the Gold Coast.  He returned in 1980 and set up a club at Parklands, which ran until Paul relocated to the Can Am Ju club.

When John Boniface died in 1992, Stan Taylor took over the Fuji Ryu organization until his resignation in 1994, at which point Paul became the head instructor.  He was graded to 6th dan in 1993 and 7th dan in 1999, which is his current grade.  Paul has taught and graded a number of notable New Zealand ju-jitsuka including James Salter and Alistair Thompson (Sakura Kan), Paul Stokes (Furui Ryu), Julian Columbus, Jim Colenso, Dave Lomax, Alan and John Cooper, and Todd and Scott Rogers.  Paul’s own career has spanned almost five decades and eight martial arts clubs can trace their teaching back to the ju-jitsu style that he represents as the New Zealand head of Fuji Ryu Goshindo Jiu Jitsu.

Subsequent Achievements

2013   Inducted into the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

2020  Awarded 9th Dan in Ju Jitsu by an NZJJF Technical Panel