NZJJF Sports Ju-Jitsu Tournaments

As part of its mandate NZJJF governs Sport Ju-Jitsu and provides a National Circuit which consists of ranking tournaments and a National Championship.

Using the National Circuit, competitors can gain experience in Free-fighting, Grappling and Demonstration Self Defence and work towards top national rankings and national titles. A Sport Ju-Jitsu Black Belt system is provided to recognise those competitors reaching milestone achievements.

In support of competition are NZJJF trained officials who are part of the Referees' Programme. The Programme provides a blend of theory and practice to allow referees to progress through the various classes to international-level referee.

In addition to information on the above, the NZJJF site provides data on tournament resultsindividual competitorsreferees and clubs.

For more information contact: SECRETARY or the DIRECTOR of SPORT

Entry Forms

2017 Free-fighting tournaments for selection of the NZ Black Tops team to represent New Zealand at the WCJJO World Championships.

Individual Entry

Club Entry

Rule sets

NZJJF Tournament RulesAll NZJJF competitors are bound by these rules when competing in NZJJF sanctioned tournaments.
JJIF Logo JJIF Contact Rules - Contact tournament rules
JJIF Logo JJIF Ne Waza Rules - Ne Waza tournament rules
JJIF Logo JJIF Duo Rules - Duo tournament rules
World Council of Ju-Jitsu Organisations - tournament rules
International Sport Ju-jitsu Association - tournament rules


NZJJF Ju-Jitsu Seminars

NZJJF also provides the opportunity to train at NZJJF organised National Seminars, National Camps and other training events, and also advertises its member clubs events on its national calendar.

2021 National Seminar

2020 National Seminar

2019 National Seminar

2018 National Seminar