Early Beginnings

Ju-jitsu has been practiced in New Zealand since the early decades of the twentieth century. Some of the pioneering names to have survived the passing of time are Auckland’s James “Pop” Adams, retired American army officer Captain McLaglan in Nelson, Reitaro Fukushima in Christchurch and Harry Baldock who trained in Christchurch and later moved to Dunedin. As well, close to half the Ju-jitsu clubs in this country descend from the teaching of Hans van Ess who became established in Auckland in the sixties.

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NZJJF Foundation

The New Zealand Ju-Jitsu Federation was founded on the 24th August 2003. The Foundation Meeting was supported by thirteen martial artists representing twelve clubs and within six months the number of clubs had grown to twenty-three.

Much of the success of the Federation was due to the absorption of Sport Ju-Jitsu New Zealand, the national governing body of sport Ju-jitsu founded in 1999. This organisation began as a collection of “national tournaments” run by various clubs and evolved into a National Circuit of tournaments run under the same rules.

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NZJJF vision is to elevate Ju-jitsu in the minds of New Zealanders as a leader in the martial arts and to provide a shining example of how openness, understanding and collaboration leads to unity. We will achieve our vision by listening to the needs of the Ju-jitsu community, valuing their opinions and offering innovative solutions that are progressive, informative and relevant.

We will respect the diversity of Ju-jitsu and seek to preserve its rich traditions while also encouraging its leaders to employ the latest coaching practices in support of the development of their members and themselves.