NZJJF International Representatives

The following is a list of international teams representing New Zealand at World Games level.  From 2007, NZJJF is the recognised governing body for New Zealand by WCJJO and ISJA.  Teams sent to their events will be named NZJJF Black Tops.

NZJJF Black Tops: The NZJJF Black Tops are New Zealand competitors selected for international representation from the Elite Athletes Programme. Selection is performance-based and free from politics; all representatives must have gained top-three rankings on the National Sport Ju Jitsu Circuit to be eligible for selection.

2017 WCJJO World Games, Gold Coast, Australia

NZJJF Black Tops

Vaughan Antonio (capt) – ATTNZ, Palmerston North (Gold, Silver)

Cameron Edmunds   –             Jitsu NZ, Wellington (Gold)

Annie Lee                    –              ATTNZ, Auckland (Gold)

Krissy Oliver               –              ATTNZ, Auckland (Silver, Silver)

Adam Rings                –             Jitsu NZ, Wellington

Joseph Rivers             –             MAI Dojo, Wellington (Gold, Silver)

Cam Steer                    –             Axis Jiu Jitsu, Christchurch (Gold)

2007 WCJJO World Games, Jersey 

SJJ(NZ) Black Tops

Deane Brewer (capt)-          Morganti,Christchurch

Corey Kelly              –           Morganti,Christchurch

Doug Bailey (manager & referee) NZJJS, Hastings

2006 ISJA World Games, Argentina 

SJJ(NZ) Black Tops

Jack Bloodworth      –           NZJJS, Hastings(SilverSilver)

Jesse Puata             –           BJJ Taranaki, New Plymouth(Gold)

Alex Scott (capt)       –           BJJ Taranaki, New Plymouth

Nick Toon                 –           BJJ Taranaki, NewPlymouth

Richard Toon (manager)    New Plymouth

2004 WCJJO World Games, Canada

Kirk Austin                –           BDJJA, Auckland(Bronze)

William Kouka          –           BDJJA,Auckland

Karel Nathan (& manager) BDJJA, Edgecombe

2002 ISJA World Games, RSA 

SJJ(NZ) Black Tops

Deane Brewer          –           Academyof Combat, Christchurch(Silver)

Gaeila Wester           –           NZJJS, Hastings(GoldGold)

Peter Wester (manager)     Hastings

2001 WCJJO World Games, Channel Islands

Kirk Austin                –           BDJJA, Auckland (Bronze)

2000 ISJA World Games, England 

SJJ(NZ) Black Tops

Darcy Blackmore      –           WMA, Auckland(Silver)

Denise Corlett          –           NZJJS, Hamilton(Silver)

Dion Crouch            –           NZJJS, Hastings(GoldSilver)

WarwickDempsey   –           NZJJS, Hastings

Rowena Harper        –           NZJJS, Hamilton

Louise Park               –           NZJJS, Hastings(GoldBronze)

Richard Smith (capt.)          Focus , Auckland(Silver)

Johannes Zender    –           NZJJS, Hamilton

GaryPolwart (manager)      WMA,Auckland

1998 ISJA World Games, Canada

Darcy Blackmore      –           WMA,Auckland

Martin Brown            –           WMA,Auckland

JanineCubbitt          –           WMA,Auckland

Terry Evans(& manager)   WMA,Auckland

Nathan Fowler         –           WMA, Auckland(Silver)

GaryPolwart             –           WMA,Auckland

Ben Reay                  –           WMA,Auckland

Scott van Gils           –           WMA,Auckland

Karl Webber              –           WMA, Auckland (Silver)

1998 WCJJO World Games, USA

Brefanie Andrews    –           BDJJA, Auckland (Bronze)

Hoani Heremaia (& man.)  BDJJA, Auckland

Huriana Kereru        –           BDJJA, Auckland (Gold)

Malcolm Mitchell      –           BDJJA,Auckland

1996 ISJA World Games, USA

Terry Evans(& manager)   WMA, Auckland(Gold)

Tom Twyddle            –           WMA,Auckland

Scott van Gils           –           WMA, Auckland(Silver)

1995 WCJJO World Games, New   Zealand

Kirk Austin                –           BDJJA,Auckland*

Doug Bailey              –           BDJJA, Hastings

Simon Booth             –           BDJJA,Auckland

Hoani Heremaia (capt)        BDJJA,Auckland*

Patrick Howard         –           BDJJA, Auckland *

Willie Kereru             –           BDJJA, Auckland *

Malcolm Mitchell      –           BDJJA,Auckland*

DavidMurray            –           BDJJA,Auckland*

Maureen Sam           –           BDJJA,Auckland

Jason Taaffe             –           BDJJA, Hastings

Steve Heremaia (manager) BDJJA,Auckland

*           Demonstration team (Gold)

1992 WCJJO World Games, Argentina

Doug Bailey              –           BDJJA, Hastings

Dave Batterham       –           BDJJA, Warkworth

Hoani Heremaia (capt)        BDJJA,Auckland

Michael Hickson      –           BDJJA, Palmerston North

Stephen Lowe          –           BDJJA, Warkworth

Gary Smith(& manager)     BDJJA, Auckland

Les Walker                –           BDJJA, Auckland

1990 WCJJO World Games, USA

Rennei Azzara         –           BDJJA, Auckland

Bill Duncan               –           BDJJA, Pukekohe

Hoani Heremaia       –           BDJJA, Auckland

Michael Hickson      –           BDJJA, Palmerston North

Patrick Howard         –           BDJJA,Auckland

Dave Lama                –           BDJJA, Auckland

Mark McMath            –           BDJJA, Auckland

Kiri Reihana             –           BDJJA, Auckland

Gary Smith(capt)     –           BDJJA, Auckland

Les Walker                –           BDJJA, Auckland (Gold)

Samantha Witman   –           BDJJA, Auckland

Steve Heremaia (manager) BDJJA,Auckland

1988 WCJJO World Games, Australia

Walter Anderson (capt)       BDJJA,Auckland

Hoani Heremaia       –           BDJJA,Auckland

Patrick Howard         –           BDJJA,Auckland

HanzKoman             –           BDJJA,Auckland

Lorna Matthews       –           BDJJA,Auckland

DavidMillar               –           BDJJA, Palmerston North

Gary Smith                –           BDJJA,Auckland

Steve Heremaia (manager) BDJJA,Auckland

1986 WCJJO World Games, England

Walter Anderson      –           BDJJA, Auckland

Solly Ngata               –           BDJJA, Auckland (Bronze)

Steve Heremaia (manager) BDJJA,Auckland

1984 WCJJO World Games, Canada

Steven Andrews      –           BDJJA,Auckland

Bill Duncan               –           BDJJA, Pukekohe

David Millar               –           BDJJA, Palmerston North

Steve Heremaia (manager) BDJJA,Auckland