COVID-19 Alert Level 2 delta

All of New Zealand, except Auckland, will move to Alert Level 2 at 11.59pm on Tuesday 7th September, but Auckland will stay at Alert Level 4 until 11.59pm on Tuesday 14th September. Cabinet will review the levels for the whole country, including Auckland, on Monday 13th September.

At alert level 2 we can return to contact training SO Ju Jitsu classes are BACK ON, BUT alert Level 2 is different with Delta variant.

  • Facilities MUST have a written plan for safe operation in place (see NZJJF-Covid-19 Level 2 Delta Safety Management Plan).
  • Facilities MUST have a NZ COVID Trace QR Code displayed in a prominent place at or near the main entrances to their premises
  • Contact-tracing register MUST be in place and available to be accessed quickly for contact tracing purposes and for up to 30 days after the contact was recorded.
  • Training MUST be restricted to a maximum of 50 people (including spectators and admin staff).
  • Masks MUST be worn by anyone not participating in Ju Jitsu on the mat and to and from the training venue.
  • Good personal hygiene practices MUST continue – wash and dry your hands before and after training, cough into elbow and don’t touch your face.
  • Participants MUST bring their own personal equipment (towels, water bottles, etc).
  • Surfaces and equipment MUST be regularly cleaned and disinfected where practicable i.e. before and after training, with particular attention paid to “touch points” areas (e.g. door handles, toilet handles, taps etc.).
  • Activities MUST be well within participants’ confidence and skill level to reduce the likelihood of needing emergency services.
  • Participants MUST maintain physical distancing (>2m) when not participating in the sport or activity.
  • Control arrival and departure to maintain required physical distancing — for example; extend the time interval between sessions, and use different exit and entry doors if available.
  • Training uniforms must be WASHED between each training session.
  • Participants MUST stay home if they are sick. If they have flu-like symptoms, advise them to self-isolate at home and get tested immediately.

See our recent NOTICE, updated guidelines and management plan