Referees’ Programme

The Referees’ Programme provides a blend of theory and practice to allow referees to progress through the various classes to international-level referee.

Please note that the SJJ(NZ) Rules state that for every five competitors representing a club at a tournament, that club must provide at least one SJJ(NZ)-trained referee.  Up to nine competitors, therefore, requires one referee; up to 14 competitors requires two referees; and so on.

NZJJF welcomes all competitors, ex-competitors, parents, supporters and interested people to join the Referees’ Programme.

For further information contact: DIRECTOR of SPORT

The Referees’ Programme is designed to:

  • support – and make possible – the National Sport Ju Jitsu Circuit
  • train new entrants to a high standard of refereeing
  • maintain the high standard of refereeing in New Zealand
  • provide international-level Class I referees
  • give an area of involvement for ex-competitors, parents, supporters and the general public

Referee training material will be provided electronically on application to provide training in the theory of refereeing and workshops will be given on a demand basis prior to tournaments to provide practical experience. On completing the theory, a new entrant then gains the necessary match experience to be familiar with their level of refereeing. After the required number of matches the referee is assessed to the next level and repeats the process of theory training and match experience.

R1 Level Referee

An R1 level Referee has covered the theory of judging, timekeeping and scorekeeping and gained experience in each job in both Freefighting and Grappling categories. Assessment follows 50 matches of Freefighting judging, timekeeping and scorekeeping.

R2 Level Referee

R2 Level Referee (Full) – An R2 level Referee has covered the theory of centre refereeing and gained experience refereeing both Freefighting and Grappling. Assessment follows 50 matches of both Freefighting and Grappling and the referee must have gained a first aid qualification. Qualified R2 level Referees who are highly graded in ju-jitsu may also judge Self Defence.

R2 Level Referee (Freefighting / Grappling) – An R2 level Referee (Freefighting / Grappling) is a Freefighting or Grappling expert who specialises in just one category. They enter the programme at R1 level, receiving training in the theory of centre refereeing and gaining experience refereeing in their specialist category. Assessment follows 50 matches of either Freefighting or Grappling.

R3 Level Referee

R3 Level Referee(Full) –  Assessment to R3 Level Referee is a subjective process that examines the skill and experience of long-serving R2 Level referees. R3 Level referees may referee in international competition and provide training to R1 Level referees and new entrants. Further training is provided for those wishing to judge and referee Full-contact matches.

R3 Level Referee (Freefighting / Grappling) – An R3 Level referees of this catagory can only referee in international competition in their specialist category and provide training to entrant R2 and R1 level referees who are likewise specialising in that category.