One of the NZJJF’s main services has been to provide National Seminars which gives the New Zealand Ju Jitsu community chances to come together and share knowledge. National Seminars have been vehicles for providing breadth to New Zealand Ju-Jitsu, but we also run Master Class Seminars and Black Belt Workshops that provide depth, i.e. development of skill and understanding to New Zealand Ju-Jitsu. At these events the NZJJF provides feedback forms for each seminar / master class so attendees can rate material, relevance and delivery, thus allowing the New Zealand Ju Jitsu community determine the development of it’s Kodansha’s teaching ability, leadership and technical understanding.


As part of its role specific to Sport JuJitsu, the NZJJF’s aim is to foster, develop and promote Sport JuJitsu in New Zealand and in international competition, and offer education, administration, national and international competitionThe top-three ranked competitors on the NZJJF national circuit are eligible for invitation to the Elite Athletes’ Programme (EAP) by the Elite Athletes’ Programme Administrator or the Director for Sport. The New Zealand Sport Ju-Jitsu team, the “Black Tops”, is selected objectively from within the EAP with NZ representatives therefore being amongst the best-ranked Grapplers and Free Fighters competing on the NZJJF tournament circuit. 

The NZJJF has competition rules for its national sports ju-jitsu circuit, which are stored on this website; however any international competitions will be to those governing bodies’ rules e.g. WCJJO or ISJA. Click on the link for the NZJJF Sports Ju-Jitsu Rules, click on the link for the WCJJO Sports Ju-Jitsu Rules 

The NZJJF Referees’ Programme provides a blend of theory and practice to allow referees to progress through the various classes to international-level referee.