NZJJF Black Belt Register

The Black Belt Register is kept for the purpose of assuring the public that black belt grades claimed by ju-jitsu practitioners in New Zealand are valid and reasonable. NZJJF provides verification of this with a two-step process. First, the validity of grading certificates is confirmed with the examiner noted on the certificate. Time between grades and in total is then assessed for reasonableness against internationally-recognised standards. As a guide, NZJJF accepts as a minimum four years to 1st degree and the number of the new grade in years since the last grade (i.e. 2 years to 2nd degree, 3 years to 3rd degree, etc).

Black belts of Member Clubs may apply to have their grades recognised by NZJJF and entered on the Black Belt Register.



To apply, download an Application Form from the NZJJF website. First-time applicants should submit the completed form to NZJJF along with:

  • a copy of their latest grading certificate
  • a copy of their Black Belt or 1st degree certificate
  • contact details of examiners for the two gradings
  • a list of all ju-jitsu gradings along with dates
  • NZJJF fee of $25

Age is taken into account where minors are applying for recognition as black belts. It is unlikely that black belts under the age of 16 will be registered.

Subsequent applications

Black belts already recorded in the Register need only have their new grade verified. The NZJJF fee for verification of promotions is $15.


Applicants are notified of the final outcome of their application. The details of successful applications are recorded in the Public Register of Ju-Jitsu Instructors and Black Belts and on this website.

Further information

For further information contact the REGISTRAR


Click on the LINK to download the form for registration.