Outstanding Service Award

This award is made on behalf of the New Zealand ju-jitsu community to a ju-jitsu practitioner who has had an enduring influence on ju-jitsu in this country. It acknowledges one or both of the following:

Long-time involvement; A pioneer or practitioner who has actively promoted and developed New Zealand ju-jitsu over a substantial period of time.

Outstanding service; A practitioner or administrator who has made a considerable and beneficial contribution to a particular area within the New Zealand ju-jitsu community.

Nominations may be submitted to the NZJJF at any time along with comprehensive details of the nominee’s record of service to the SECRETARY.

The NZJJF selects the most suitable candidate from those nominated. Where no nominations are received NZJJF may select a suitable candidate. Normally, only one award is made each year. An award need not be made every year.


In matters relating to martial arts Outstanding Service Award recipients are entitled to the post nominals OSA (e.g. Shihan Hans Van Ess, OSA, 7th Dan).

All current recipients can be found below.

OSA Recipients

Hans Van Ess (2004)

Gary Trail (2005)

Henk Fekkes (2006)

Gary Polwart (2008)

Doug Bailey (2012)

Paul Reti (2013)

Dave Butler (2015)

Simon Ogden (2018)

James Salter (2019)

Lee Jung Nam (2020)

Alistair Thompson (2021)

Shayne Cox (2022)

Terry Evans (2023)