In 2015 the NZJJF will begin awarding Quality Medals to each registered ju-jitsu club. The primary aim of the Quality Medals is to give the public an NZJJF rating of the ‘quality’ of clubs in terms of the NZJJF initiatives around safety, education, ethical practice and verified instructor grades.

Clubs are currently able to gain NZJJF club membership, utilise a three-tier coaching course, and have their black belts’ grades verified. The Quality Medals provide a physical symbol that clubs can use on their website, their NZJJF webpage and on club certificates to demonstrate their involvement in NZJJF quality initiatives.

The NZJJF sees this system as a tangible means of improving the safety, competency and credibility of ju-jitsu in the eyes of the New Zealand public.

If you are interested in improving the standing of your club or would like more information on any of NZJJF’s initiatives please contact the REGISTRAR

NZJJF Quality Award Criteria
  NZJJF Club Membership.

Acceptance to abide by NZJJF Code of Ethics.

Acceptance to abide by NZJJF Rules and Regulations.

Acceptance to abide by NZJJF Anti-doping Policy.

NZJJF webpage with full contact details for club coaches

  All the Bronze Criteria.

Coaches have passed the NZJJF C1 coaching course.

Have passed a police check.

Have completed a recognised first aid course.

  All the Silver Criteria.

Black belts have had their grades verified by NZJJF.

Coaches have passed the NZJJF C2 coaching course.