Marton BJJ


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (of the Gracie Barra lineage), Submission Grappling, Self Defense & Kickboxing affiliated to Pina Simpson (Southern Tribes Aotearoa).


Location: Level 1, Memorial Hall, Wellington Road, Marton

Classes: Monday:             5 – 6pm               Kids no-gi BJJ (ages 5-13)

                                           6 – 7pm               Adults Fight Fit

               Wednesday:        5 – 6pm               Open mat sparring

                                           6 – 7.30pm          Kickboxing

               Friday:                 5 – 6pm               Open mat sparring

                                           6 – 7.30pm          Kickboxing

About: We teach in a friendly & Whanau orientated environment. Where Self-confidence, Self-awareness & Self-respect flourish.

Instructors: Dallas Peeti, Lucas Bush and Derek Broughton

Fees:           Individual:           $15 month

                    Family:                $25 month

                    Non-member:     $5 session (Adults Fight Fit only)

 Gracie Barra.jpg

Instructor: Dallas Peeti

DP - STM.jpg

Instructor: Lucas Bush

LB - STM.jpg

Instructor: Derek Broughton