Upper Hutt Martial Arts Academy

We are a family-focused martial arts school in the centre of Upper Hutt, teaching Hapkido under the banner of the World Kido Federation/Hanminjok Hapkido Federation.

We offer a range of martial arts classes for children, teens and adults of all ages, and our Academy culture is relaxed and friendly. Our mission is to help you and your family to achieve your own goals and to realise your martial arts potential.

We have a strong team of experienced Instructors. You will find that we offer much more than just martial arts and self-defence training and we would like you to join our family.

So come along and try out an orientation class for you or your children and begin your own martial arts journey.

All of our classes are run at our modern, owner-occupied martial arts studio in the centre of Upper Hutt. Further information Here

Website: https://hapkido.co.nz/home.aspx

Contact: Callum Forbes, 021330989 or cgrforbes@gmail.com

Location: Unit 2, 18-22 Queen Street, Upper Hutt

Chief Instructor: Master Callum Forbes, 7th Dan, NZJJF C3 Instructor

Instructor: Michael Viseur, NZJJF C2 Instructor

Assistant Instructors: Rhiannon Forbes, NZJJF C1 Instructor, Jaime Philips, NZJJF C1 Instructor, Shona Gaitanos, NZJJF C1 Instructor, Sean Harvey NZJJF C1 Instructor, Cheyla Shortland NZJJF C1 Instructor, Tristan Anson NZJJF C1 Instructor, Paul Atkins NZJJF C1 Instructor.

Training Timetable: