Doug Bailey

Head of New Zealand Jiu Jitsu School of Self Defence. Presented at Matamata, 19th May 2012.

Doug began studies in Kawaishi jiu jitsu at Feilding in 1988.  He founded the New Zealand Jiu Jitsu School of Self Defence with Michael Hickson in 1995 and was graded to shodan (1st degree) the following year.  When NZJJS adopted the Olivecrona Method of Kawaishi jiu jitsu in 1998 Doug began training under Sten Olivecrona.  At the time of awarding Doug held the grade of yondan (4th degree).

Doug has had a long association with sport ju-jitsu.  He represented NZ at the WCJJO World Games in 1992 and 1995 and was the NZ manager in 2007.  He is a WCJJO referee and had the honour of refereeing the men’s team finals in 2007.  A SJJ(NZ) Class I referee, he has refereed over 1,000 matches.  This involvement led to Doug meeting with Gary Polwart in 1999 and the pair founded ISJJA(NZ), later to become SJJ(NZ).  Doug was chairman from 2000, administered the Referees Programme and co-administered the Elite Athletes Programme.

By 2003 over 50 clubs had participated on the SJJ(NZ) circuit.  The success lead to the formation of NZJJF, which absorbed SJJ(NZ).  Doug was a founding member and held the office of chairman until retirement in 2008.  During that time he worked to have NZJJF recognised as the National Sport Organisation for ju-jitsu by SPARC (now Sport NZ) in 2006, and the following year he had NZJJF recognised as the governing body for ju-jitsu in New Zealand by the World Council of Ju-Jitsu Organisations and the International Sport Ju-jitsu Association.

From 2012 to 2019 Doug returned as NZJJF chairman.  He helped install the Public Register of Ju-Jitsu Instructors and Black Belts to improve public confidence in the art, and co-wrote the Instructors Coaching Programme.  His vision, leadership and dedication have played a large part in unifying and raising the standard of ju-jitsu in New Zealand.

Subsequent Achievements

2013 - Awarded 5th Degree black belt (Godan).

2019 - Awarded 6th Degree black belt (Rokudan)