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Elite Athletes’ Programme

The Elite Athletes’ Programme is designed to take top competitors and ready them for international competition.  In doing so, the programme’s administrators work alongside the athlete’s club coach to give additional coaching in the following areas:

  • strength training
  • conditioning
  • nutrition
  • sport psychology
  • goal setting
  • video analysis
  • tactics
  • competition strategy

In addition, the programme provides management for any athletes needing help with savings and travel issues, and past representatives share their experiences of international competition.

All administrators are Coaching NZ Level II qualified, and where practical, utilise outside experts for workshops.  Their tuition respects the club coach as the primary coach and does not include technique tuition unless specifically requested by the athlete and their coach.

Workshops are timed to fall on the morning following an NZJJF tournament to cut down on travel expenses.  Athletes on the programme in preparation for international events are expected to attend all workshops.

To comply with the NZ Sport Drugs Agency and Sports New Zealand requirements, all competitors in the Elite Athletes’ Programme must agree to abide with the NZJJF Anti-Doping Policy and make themselves available for testing.