In Memorium – Joy Thompson, 5th Dan

It is with great sadness that we informed the NZ Ju Jitsu community of the passing of Joy Thompson on Friday 23rd October, 2020 at the age of 48, after her long battle with an aggressive cancer. Joy passed away peacefully surrounded by her loving family and she is going to be missed and remembered by many.

Joy held the grade of 5th Dan Ju Jitsu from the school of Sakura Kan Ju Jitsu and is the wife of Shihan Alistair Thompson, 7th Dan. She had trained in Sakura Kan Jiu Jitsu since she was 16 years old and has a wealth of knowledge that she has passed on to 1000’s of students over her more than 30 years in the art.

She put up an inspiring fight, remaining hopeful and showed everyone that you can live with positivity and determination whilst fighting a terminal illness.

Our deepest condolences go to her husband Al, her sons Ben and Max and her family, her friends and the Sakura Kan school. She was well known in the martial arts community and it is a true loss for New Zealand Ju Jitsu.

A service to celebrate Joys life will be held at the Gee & Hickton’s Kingswood funeral home, Cairo Street, Upper Hutt, on 3rd November 2020 at 2.30pm.

NZJJF National Seminar 2020

The NZJJF 2020 National Seminar is to be held on Saturday 3rd October at the Budokan Dojo in Wellington, scheduled for an 11.30am start.

The dojo address is: 8 Oxford Terrace, Newtown, Wellington, 6021 – Oxford Terrace is behind the BP Petrol Station on Adelaide Road.

The expected schedule for the event will looking something like this;

11.30am: NZJJF Committee Welcome – Introduction, house keeping and kodansha awards

11.50am: Gary Trail – Kawaishi Jiu Jitsu,

12.40: Callum Forbes – Hapkido Walking Stick,

13.30: Lunchbreak 30 mins

14.00: Mark Barrett – Knife Defences,

14.50: Simon Ogden – Masterclass on improving locking,

15.40: Paul Reti – Masterclass on lock-flow as a learning tool.

16.30: NZJJF Committee Close.

The event is open to everyone, so if you could ALL please spread the word and get as many of our dojos and students to attend as are able, that would be fantastic!

Cost will be $30 to attend and payment will be taken on the day. More details can be found in our Facebook event here:

JJIF Membership in 2020

On Monday 18th May 2020 the New Zealand Ju Jitsu Federation was officially made a member of the Ju-Jitsu International Federation (JJIF).

The JJIF is the international Ju Jitsu entity that is working through the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to make Ju Jitsu an officially recognised Olympic Sport.

Our membership to JJIF allows us to send New Zealand athletes to the World Combat Games, the Asian Olympic Committee’s (AOC’s) Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games and other JJIF competitions.

We have taken this proactive step to further enable Ju Jitsu to become an Olympic sport and allow future NZ athlete representation at any recognised Olympic Games. We look forward to working with the NZ Ju Jitsu community and with NZ Grappler to further this opportunity.

In Memorium – Dave Millar

It is with great sadness that we inform the NZ Ju Jitsu community of the sudden passing of Dave Millar, in Australia on Friday 22nd May, 2020.

Dave Millar held the grade of 8th Dan Ju Jitsu, awarded by Steve Heremaia (10th Dan), and was the head of NZ JiuJitsu Lifeskills and co-founder of the New Zealand Martial Arts Hall Of Fame (NZMAHOF) in 1997. He was a member of the first New Zealand Ju Jitsu Team to compete at the first World Council of Jiu Jitsu Organisations championships held in Canada 1984, and had been involved in Ju Jitsu in New Zealand for over 45 years.

Professor Dave served as the President of the NZMAHOF and was an inductee of the NZMAHOF, Australasian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, and the World Karate Union in 2002. Dave has been acknowledged internationally for his work with Jiu Jitsu and in 1988 was awarded Certificate of Recognition from the American Jiu Jitsu Association for his outstanding service in furthering the art and in 1991 was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Canadian Jiu Jitsu Association by the then President/Founder Professor Ron Forester.

He was well known in the martial arts community and his untimely death has shocked all that knew him. This is truly a great loss, and he will be missed and dearly remembered by many.

His family have set up a GO FUND ME page to bring his body home for a funeral in New Zealand.

NZJJF COVID-19 Safety Management Plan

Businesses and services need to meet public health requirements under the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Level 2) Order 2020. This has been brought in by the Government to set out what businesses, services and others need to do to prevent the spread of COVID-19. To aid in this the NZJJF has released a training at Alert Level 2 Policy.

To further help you we have provided you a mostly completed NZJJF-Covid-19 Level 2 Safety Management Plan about how to implement the NZJJF Alert Level 2 Policy and what that means for your dojo/gym and to help you meet requirements in the Order. Please remember that businesses continue to meet all obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA).

NZJJF advice on training at COVID-19 Alert Level 2

Today the NZJJF released it’s guidance for clubs wanting to train at Alert Level 2, this advice is based on Sport NZ and Government guidelines, on the latest medical and scientific literature [published and pre-published print] including pilot studies, systematic reviews, meta-analyses and expert opinion articles.

A huge thanks go to Ranen Reddy, Hamish Robertson and the NZJJF Committee for all their work on bringing this policy to fruition.

In Memorium – Phil Davison, 5th Dan

The head instructor of Seishinkan Bujitsu Phil Davison peacefully passed at 2.45am 11/02/2020 after a brave battle with oesophageal cancer.

He was a great supporter of the NZJJF in it’s early days, teaching at many of our National Seminars and even holding the position of CEO of the non-sporting arm of the committee for a brief time.

A man of great humour, amazing eyebrows and a great depth of martial knowledge. His passing is a great loss to NZ Ju Jitsu. Our thoughts are with his family, students and friends.

A celebration of Phil’s life was held at King George Hall, 29 St. Leonards Drive at 1pm on Saturday 15th February.

Qualified Coaches in 2019

A huge congratulations to those that have passed the NZJJF Ju Jitsu specific coaching courses so far this year;

  • Robin Howard, NZ Eagle Spirit Combat – C2 Club Coach (10/01/2019)
  • Karl Martel, Jitsu New Zealand – C1 Assistant Coach (11/02/2019)
  • Stenfinn Olivecrona, Olivecrona Ju Jitsu – C2 Club Coach (16/09/2019)
  • Graeme Caitlin, Matamata Ju Jitsu Club – C1 Assistant Coach (11/06/2019)
  • Josh Lochan, Sakura Kan Ju Jitsu – C1 Assistant Coach (16/09/2019)
  • Simon Adams, Jitsu New Zealand – C1 Assistant Coach (16/09/2019)

NZJJF Registers Update


NZJJF Coaching Courses up to June 2018

Congratulations to those who passed the NZJJF Coaching Courses:

Jason Farquhar, Ronin Martial Arts Coalition – C1 Assistant Coach (08/02/2018)

Phillip Dunn, Jitsu NZ – C 1 Assistant Coach (27/03/18)

Simon Barnett, Jitsu NZ – C2 Club Coach (01/05/2018)

Simon Gibbs, Shi San Shi Do Chin Na & Jujitsu – C1 Assistant Coach (05/05/18)

Rob Hunter, Jitsu NZ – C1 Assistant Coach (14/05/2018)

Simon Ogden, Jitsu NZ – C3 Advanced Coach (06/06/2018)

 NZJJF Black Belt Register up to June 2018

Congratulations to the following approved for the Black Belt Register:

 Steve Lynch, 2 Dan

This and more is covered in the current NZJJF Newsletter 18-2