NZJJF Registers Update


NZJJF Coaching Courses up to June 2018

Congratulations to those who passed the NZJJF Coaching Courses:

Jason Farquhar, Ronin Martial Arts Coalition – C1 Assistant Coach (08/02/2018)

Phillip Dunn, Jitsu NZ – C 1 Assistant Coach (27/03/18)

Simon Barnett, Jitsu NZ – C2 Club Coach (01/05/2018)

Simon Gibbs, Shi San Shi Do Chin Na & Jujitsu – C1 Assistant Coach (05/05/18)

Rob Hunter, Jitsu NZ – C1 Assistant Coach (14/05/2018)

Simon Ogden, Jitsu NZ – C3 Advanced Coach (06/06/2018)

 NZJJF Black Belt Register up to June 2018

Congratulations to the following approved for the Black Belt Register:

 Steve Lynch, 2 Dan

This and more is covered in the current NZJJF Newsletter 18-2