NZJJF was created in 2003 and is the Sports New Zealand, WCJJO and ISJA recognised body
NZJJF is recognised as the governing body for ju-jitsu in New Zealand by: 




The NZJJF vision is to elevate ju-jitsu in the minds of New Zealanders as a leader in the martial arts and to provide a shining example of how openness, understanding and collaboration leads to unity.

We will achieve our vision by listening to the needs of the ju-jitsu community, valuing their opinions and offering innovative solutions that are progressive, informative and relevant.



Our mission is to support and open lines of communication that continue to strengthen the ju-jitsu community and the art of ju-jitsu in New Zealand.

We will respect the diversity of ju-jitsu and seek to preserve its rich traditions while also encouraging its leaders to employ the latest coaching practices in support of the development of their members and themselves.

Please browse throughout the site to get a feel for our organisation and our relationship to the wider ju-jitsu community.